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Business Start-Up/Set-up

We assist to an end-to-end process from Business Registration (DTI/SEC)...
We assist to an end-to-end process from Business Registration (DTI/SEC), Business Permits registration, BIR Registration and SSS,PHIC and HDMF Registration, inclusive of establishing all on-line platforms for various government payments, setting-up bank accounts and assistance on finding feasible business locations for business establishments.

Finance Support

We help you in formulating a preliminary business plan to refine your marketing, administration, operation, and financial plans...
We help you in formulating a preliminary business plan to refine your marketing, administration, operation, and financial plans; computing your start-up capital needs; identifying sources of your start-up capital and measuring your borrowing power. We also assist and endorse clients to qualified public practitioners for compliances in various government agencies related to finance matters.

Human Resource

We aim to offer incomparable technical expertise and guidance within areas of Human resources...
We aim to offer incomparable technical expertise and guidance within areas of Human resources to companies across business sectors while helping with the organizational structure of the company.

Advisory Services

We provide Advisory Service to different entities and endorse them to qualified legal counsel who can interpret laws and rules affecting the operation...
We provide Advisory Service to different entities and endorse them to qualified legal counsel who can interpret laws and rules affecting the operation; prepares contracts and instruments; and interprets provisions of contracts covering work performed by private entities.

Operational Audit

We Provide an unbiased evaluation of processes, systems and operation...
We Provide an unbiased evaluation of processes, systems and operations and determine whether internal controls are in place and operating effectively to mitigate risks and ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met.

Real Estate Assistance

We provide real estate services to be endorsed to a licensed agent...
We provide real estate services to be endorsed to a licensed agent with respect to the purchase, sale, lease, rental, or appraisal of real property.


We take care of your complex payroll filings by specifying your payroll policy...
We take care of your complex payroll filings by specifying your payroll policy, arranging and verifying employee inputs, computing payroll, disbursing salaries, paying government dues, providing pay slips with computation sheets.


We provide administrative support for general administrative functions of a wide variety of academic or administrative units...
We provide administrative support for general administrative functions of a wide variety of academic or administrative units including answering phones, greeting/referring/assisting visitors, customers, staff, or others, preparing documents and reports, compiling records, scheduling meetings, organizing and so on.

Process Improvements

We provide expert recommendations, opportunities, approaches, policies, and strategies,,,
We provide expert recommendations, opportunities, approaches, policies, and strategies to strengthen business owners’ capabilities in accomplishing their economic and operational objectives.

IT Support

Industries We Serve

Who We Serve

If you are seeking for a reliable and trustworthy partner who will be handling your business’ support services, the SAPCO Philippines, can provide you with everything you need. Currently, we have five (3) offices – Head office in Bonifacio Global City and extension offices in Ortigas and Sta. Rosa Laguna, who can cater your service inquiries and requests.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries with both local and foreign companies who operate in the Philippines. This includes construction, retail and wholesale, agriculture and farming, food processing, accommodation and food services, manufacturing, freelance online sellers, development and information technology (IT), professional services, and business process outsourcing (BPO) to name a few.

When the pandemic hit the country, it caused an undeniably huge impact on the Philippine economy as majority of establishments are forced to cease its operation. However, it also opened new doors in terms of e-commerce and startup companies. This is evident with the rise in figures of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs. As part of our social responsibility, we believe that it is our duty to help those who are adapting with the new normal and on the lookout in starting their own careers in the vast world of commerce.

At SAPCO, we understand and empathize with your concerns. Composed of individuals who are experts in their own fields, we are committed to providing you with exceptional services that are not only effective but efficient as well. Save yourselves from having to wait in long lines for your legal appointments, we can help you with the submission of your business’ required government paper works. As everyone’s most cherished resource, we value your time more than anything. With us, you can concentrate on your business while we handle your compliances.

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Wholesale and Retail

Retailers and wholesalers are constantly confronted with new legislation, trend shifts and technological advancements. In order to succeed in this sector, one must keep up with all these challenges. Whether you are a novice in this field or an already established business, you may find it difficult to juggle all these responsibilities. Let us help you, we can assist you with business registration, PHILGEPS membership and PCAB license; funding consultations, advisory services, tax compliance, and everything you need for your business’ accounting and legal requirements.


The concept of accounting for manufacturing businesses such as inventory valuation and cost of goods are uncommon in other industries or applied in a simplified way. We extend full-service accounting and consultation services which can help you manage your resources well and identify ways to further improve your business.

Accommodation and Food Services

Management and operation of entities within the hospitality industry is particularly complicated. It requires meticulous management and several aspects to keep track of. If you are worried about the financial management of your business due to exceptional challenges of seasonality, accounting for numerous and unstandardized revenue streams and expenses, or simply keeping up with the daily bookkeeping tasks, you may consider us to be your partner. We can handle all your accounting and financial records, legal and bookkeeping requirements with strict confidentiality.c

Auto Repair and Maintenance Firms

Software setup, inventory, day to day bookkeeping, financial trend review, tax compliance, develop profit programs, financing advisory – we can provide you with everything you need so you can focus with your technical work while we take care of your accounting needs.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

Growing crops, taking care of livestock, harvesting fish and other aquatic entities – all these demand firm management and labor, most especially since we now have drastic climate changes. Having to worry about clerical works adds to the burden of business owners in this industry. Our aim is to provide you and your business with the best support we could offer. We can take care of your sales reports, provide advisory services, financial assessments, record trades and transaction in a journal, adjust entries, and manage all your finances to ensure profitability for your chosen craft.

Human Health and Social Work Activities

There has been increased work for persons in this field due to the current state of healthcare in the country. We are committed to assisting our medical practitioners and social workers in any way we can as a company that prioritizes well-being over profit. Doctors, dentists, optometrists, human services specialists, behavioral management aids, and other practitioners in this sector can benefit from our full-service healthcare accounting and practice management advice.

Real Estate Industry

When it comes to keeping track of customers, budgeting, and expanding personal business networks, those involved in real estate trades have a lot on their plates. To stay on top of this field, it is not enough to simply associate, sell, and close transactions. Accounting fundamentals and legal principles will greatly impact your business’ success. With us, we can deliver you accurate transaction reports and records; prepare materials for critical tax collection and attend to all your compliance duties.


Real Estate Industry

From Human Resources (HR) Consultation to payroll and bookkeeping services – we will take care of all your financial documentations and keep a close watch on your important expenses.

Service Industry and BPO companies

Real Estate Industry

SAPCO can be your one-stop shop with our human resources and executive search, business registration aid, and contract amendment and retirement services. We will help you start, and we will continue to support you as you move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions about SAPCO are asked frequently. We've answered the most frequent of those frequent questions below.

Keeping track of all your transactions and activities can be a challenging task especially when you already have a lot on your plate. By choosing a trusted partner to share your burden with, you can devote your time to the real core of your business and focus on providing quality service or products to your customers. This way, you will have ample amount of time to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction while at the same time, ensuring that your own business objectives are fulfilled.

As the saying goes, “time is money”. In business, it is a very important resource that everybody treasures. Outsourcing your company’s accounting and bookkeeping tasks, you can save around 2 to 3 hours daily. With this, you will no longer have to worry about monitoring your transactions. You can concentrate solely on your ventures and have enough time to spend for your personal and social activities.

Failure to submit financial statements, tax returns and other government mandated requirements may lead to legal consequences and penalties issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). While the severity of punishment and exact value of fine vary for different cases, hefty penalties and legal concerns will not only exhaust your business’ financial capabilities but may also cause a stain on your company’s reputation as well.

Without having to spend much effort and time in monitoring your financial resources, you can focus on your business operations related directly to your products and services. By outsourcing your accounting department, you can guarantee that your business is progressing in accordance to your company’s goals while also safeguarding your customer relations. By saving time in doing tiresome bookkeeping tasks, you will have more to spend catering to your clients’ needs. In addition, you will have more opportunities for a balanced work-life arrangement when you have a dependable partner, supporting you in your endeavor.

Our company is built on our clients’ trust. Thus, we observe strict compliance to a Non-Disclosure Agreement between our company and our clients. This contract prohibits all members of our team to share sensitive information with others, may it be friends or family members. In addition, the whole SAPCO community is well-aware that distribution of any personal information without consent is punishable by law. Consistent with our motto, “Your business, your trust, we value”, we are stringent abiders of the Data Privacy Act.

Bookkeeping tasks require comprehensive analysis to ensure that all your assets and liabilities are balanced. This can be time consuming and necessitates a firm grasp on accounting and taxation principles. Failure to keep precise and up-to-date accounting records may lead to cash flow concerns and legal issues which can severely limit your funding alternatives and stifle your business’ growth. Aside from the possible effects on your business, having to perform this tedious task while doing your business operations also lessens your time to attend to personal matters.

Each business is unique. For each type of venture, different accounting and/or bookkeeping approach is applied to fit all activities involved in the company or organization’s operation. Specific requirements are dependent on what kind of registration you have – Value-added Tax (VAT) or Non-VAT.

Accounting is often referred to as the company’s lifeblood as decisions involving the business’ finances are crucial to the attainment of the strategic goals set by the company. It requires extensive effort to monitor daily expenses, revenue, and the overall cash flow of your business. Oftentimes, business owners find it difficult to juggle all responsibilities at once and struggle to manage their accounting records while running the business. In the beginning, it may seem simple to do the bookkeeping and accounting by yourself but eventually, this may prove to be vexing and costly. This is where outsourcing comes in – by selecting a reliable accounting service provider, you will save not only time and effort but a lot of financial resources as well.

By outsourcing your accounting department, you will no longer have to worry about missing deadlines for legal requirements, ensuring that your employees are receiving their respective salaries, and making certain that your assets and liabilities are carefully recorded. This way, you will have limitless opportunities to grow and further expand your venture.

Most businesses and organizations are concerned about losing control of their financial operations. You must keep in mind, however, that you will continue to be the one to make decisions about your company’s endeavors. Accounting service providers will only be in charge of tracking your transactions and financial operations, as well as generating monthly reports and conducting company analysis. We will never do anything that may potentially cause a huge impact on your business without your approval. You will always be the one in charge of deciding which path to take in order to achieve your objectives. We assist you by giving you detailed assessments; you decide how to use it.

Yes. SAPCO is made up of professional individuals, BIR and BOA Accredited CPAs, with extensive knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. Our company offers nothing but the best for our clients. We can pledge that everyone in our team is capable of handling each task with the utmost of their abilities and can carry themselves well to uphold the company values at all times.

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